Accomplished MBA with 15+ years of web experience concentrating on cutting-edge internet technologies.

Served on and guided technical teams through all phases of the software development life cycle including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, implementation, and support. Adept at identifying business needs while combining people, process, and technology to construct innovative and successful solutions. Well respected by peers through demonstrating passion for technology, creativity, and a polished final product.

My Core Competencies

  • Full-Stack Web Development

    With 15+ years of web development experience, I have worked on many successful projects. My approach to design involves defining goals, prototyping, executing for those goals, and measuring results. I favor using open source software solutions, and have equal amounts of experience with front-end (UX) and back-end development. My most recent projects have used technologies such as PHP, VueJS, Laravel, Drupal, Wordpress, Ionic, Optimizely, Postgres, AWS, and Solr.

  • Web Marketing / MarTech

    I have spent the last seven years working in a marketing department as the senior developer for a fortune 1000 company. This had led to learning all about CRO, SEM, and SEO. My day-to-day work consists of using tools such as Optimizely to generate hypotheses and conduct experiments, finally productionalizing winning results. In the last two years, I have focused on accessibility and performance. I also have experience with internationalization, personalization, and building high-traffic, high-converting landing pages.

  • Business Analysis

    As an MBA graduate of University of Rochester's Simon School of Business, I have been through rigorous training in business management. This education has given me the ability to be a better leader and understand the deeper challenges and opportunities in software development in regards to people, process, and technology. Having a technical background and an MBA allows me to be a liaison between management and developers and utilize technology to create new competitive advantages.


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